About me

Professional experience and studies

Since 1976
Chief physician at Heilbad St. Moritz (known today as MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz – St. Moritz Medicinal Therapy Centre Spa) and FMH General Internal Medicine practice

General and internal medicine, balneology with a focus on rheumatology, rehabilitation, manual medicine, cardiovascular disease and general medicine, medical care for spa and holiday guests and local inhabitants

Zurich and Paris

State exams
University of Zurich, 1970

ECFMG exams
Bern, 1970 (American state examination)

University of Bern, 1973

Professional training and further training

1970 – 1971
Pathology, Cantonal Hospital Aarau

1971 – 1972
Surgery, Triemli Stadtspital, Zurich

1972 – 1973
Rheumatology, Triemli Stadtspital, Zurich

1973 – 1975
Internal medicine, Oberengadin Hospital, Samedan

1975 – 1976
Gynaecology and obstetrics, Oberengadin Hospital, Samedan

Since 1978
Manual medicine (SAMM) with regular continuing professional training

Since 1975
Regular continuing professional training in the above-mentioned disciplines

Public offices and functions

Selected by the St. Moritz municipal authority to be the chief physician of the newly built spa

Member of the St. Moritz Tourist Board for several years

1976 – 2006
Member of the Board of the SGBB (Swiss Society of Balneology and Bioclimatology)

  • 1987 – 1998 Secretary of the SGBB
  • Regular responsibilities as a member of various Swiss spa industry organisations
  • 1999 Appointment as an honorary member of the SGBB

Founding of the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz, together with the managing chief physiotherapist, Britta Ahlden, with the aim of rescuing and maintaining spa operations

Since 2002
Chairman of the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz AG Board of Directors

Founding and chairman of the Paracelsus Spring Foundation for the Preservation of the Ancient Drinking and Bathing Culture of St. Moritz

Publication of the comprehensive book “Gesundheits-Mythos St. Moritz” (St. Moritz healthcare – a legend) by Heini Hofmann, publication of the second edition in 2014, “Mythos St. Moritz” (St. Moritz – a legend), publication of the third edition, “Gesundheits-Mythos St. Moritz”, currently underway

Publication of the book “Das Heilbad darf nicht sterben!” (The spa must live on) by Heini Hofmann

1976 – 2014
Chairman of the Dr Bernhard Foundation, St. Moritz