My practice covers the following areas:

General and internal medicine

  • Primary health care for acute and chronic diseases
  • Comprehensive medical consultations and examinations for general diseases, supplemented as required with ECG scans, ergometry, laboratory testing and X-rays
  • Check-ups/screenings to ascertain patient health status and any risk factors
  • Consultations on prevention and healthy ageing

Musculoskeletal system/rheumatology diseases

  • Diagnoses and treatment of musculoskeletal, joint, back, soft tissue and/or muscular diseases and ailments
  • Manual treatment of spinal discomfort and any related pain, including headaches
  • Prescription of physiotherapy and balneological treatments, working in close cooperation with the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz
  • Rehabilitation for disabilities relating to musculoskeletal disease, paralysis, and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, in cooperation with the MTZ Heilbad St. Moritz